What can you expect?

Theme Park Music publishes content on several platforms. This is what you can expect:


As our name suggests, our main focus is sharing theme park music. We publish this music on our channel and share it on several social media platforms.


We have a secondary YouTube-channel on which we post videos of rides, shows and events at amusement parks from all around the world.


We try to create an active community of people with an interest for theme park music. Examples are our Discord-server and this website.

About us

Since 2017 Theme Park Music shares soundtracks of theme park rides, areas and shows from all around the world. Soundtracks are one of the most important contributing factors to your theme park experience, and can bring back your favorite memories by just listening to it. Sharing this music online gives you the ability to do this anywhere at any time.

The team of Theme Park Music is aims to collect and share the best soundtracks from the world of theme parks. In addition to this, the team tries to create unique content, such as our medleys and music livestreams, in order to create a platform that is about more than simply sharing music.