Theme Park Music tries to search for new and original ways to share content in its channel. Some of these are succesful enough to reoccur on the channel at semi-regular intervals. The following events are the current reccuring specials on the Theme Park Music YouTube channel.


We regularly organize music live streams, in which our followers can request their favorite theme park music!


Some rides, themed areas, events or parks have such special music, that it deserves to be made into a small special. This is what the music medleys are meant for.


Deep down in the basement of the Theme Park Music HQ there is a big vault in which your biggest nightmares are locked away. Once a year this vault is unlocked and pure cringyness is released into the world.


Ghosts have taken over the Theme Park Music YouTube-channel and are releasing only the most frightfully fun soundtracks to celebrate the spookiest season of the year!


To celebrate the holiday season, we upload twice as much in the weeks before Christmas. Every wednesday and sunday an extra cheerful upload!