Deep down in the basement of the Theme Park Music head quarters, hundreds of meters below ground level, there is a big vault in which your biggest nightmares are locked away. However, once a year this vault is unlocked, and pure cringyness is released into the world.

Since 2018, Theme Park Music annually organizes Cringefest, a contest to find the cringiests songs in theme park history. Starting on April 1st of any year, we upload pure cringyness for seven days straight.

Top secret preparations start around the middle of February, when our jury members are tasked with selecting the cringiest songs out of a continously updated master list, which currently contains over 40 songs of theme parks from all around the world. Just a month later the nominees are announced, and from April 1st until April 7th the results are published.

If you scroll down further you will not only find ways to nominate songs for Cringefest, but also playlists containing the results of previous editions of Cringefest.


You can nominate new songs by sending a comment or private message to us on YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. If you do not use these social media platforms or wish to send your nomination anonymously, you can use the form below.

Please provide both the name of the park and the name of the song
If possible, please provide the full or shortened YouTube URL, including "https//" at the start.